Remote Classes

Due to COVID-19 restrictions we have added remote classes to our class portfolio. This page contains the practical instructions you need to attend these classes.

Our remote class types are Polished Pole Basics, Floorwork, Strength for Handstands, Stretching and Choreo off the Pole. See more about each class type from our class descriptions.

You can recognize our remote classes midst all our class types and calendar events from their striped background.

Opening times of sign ups for our remote classes might differ from our regular classes as we only add remote classes for the time periods during which live classes are certainly restricted. Please follow our announcement channel to stay updated.

How to sign up to and attend OUR remote classes

1. Sign up to the class on our website

Sign up to the class in our calendar always when you want to take a class. Our instructors will accept only signed up people to the Zoom. Signing up is open until 15 minutes before the class starts.

In remote classes you can choose between two different types of participation: feedback given and follow along slots. Depending on the class type, either or both of these can be available. You can book only one slot per class. Our regular cancellation policies apply to feedback given slots but not to follow along slots.

Feedback given slots give you the opportunity to have your web camera on and get feedback from the instructor throughout the class as you are training. The number of these slots for the class is limited so please reserve these slots only if you plan to have your webcam on. 

Follow along slots are ones where you can follow along with the class but the instructor won’t give you personal feedback. The number of these slots is not limited.

2. Join the class via its Zoom link

All our remote classes are held in Zoom.

The link to each class can be found in the corresponding event page in our calendar. The links are visible only for logged in users so remember to log in.

When joining the class, please use the name with which you have registered in our website. Our instructor won’t let you in if they don’t recognize who you are.

Once you click the link you’ll end up in a waiting room. Our instructor checks that you have signed up and lets you in then. Please be patient while they do this, it might take a couple minutes if everyone joins at the same time.

Please join the class on time, preferably at least 5 minutes early. Once the instructor starts teaching they might not have the time or capacity to go back to see who is in the waiting room and check whether they have signed up or not.

3. Attend the class

If you have signed up to a feedback given slot, please keep your webcam on so the instructor can give you feedback. The feedback might come either as spoken or in the chat. Please keep your microphone off when you are not deliberately speaking to the instructor or other class mates.

If you have signed up to a follow along slot, please keep your webcam and microphone off so they don’t confuse the instructor.

If your instructor asks you to differ from the guidelines above or gives additional instructions, please follow along with them.

See the detailed class descriptions to check what equipment you need for the class you are taking.

During and after the class do not hesitate to give feedback (in a kind tone) to your instructor or our head of classes. We are very new with organizing remote classes so please bare with us while we figure it out.