Class Cancellation Policies

To ensure everyone the equal opportunity to plan when they are coming to class and our board the opportunity to adjust Otanko’s classes based on actual demand, the association has policies related to cancellations. We divide cancellations to two criteria: no shows and booking cancellations

What are no shows? No shows are classes where a member has reserved a spot from the class when the class starts but does not show up for class.

How many no shows are allowed? Each member is allowed at most one no show each calendar month.

What if I have more no shows than that? If a person exceeds the limit of allowed no shows, they will get a two-week class sign up ban on our website.

Isn’t this kinda strict? The no show policy is very strict at the moment because due to Covid-19, we must be able to keep accurate tracking of who is in which class, and the booking system is our means to do so.

What are booking cancellations? Booking cancellations are situations when a member initially books a class but then cancels the reservation before the class starts via our website.

How many booking cancellations are allowed? Each member is allowed at most 2 booking cancellations in a calendar month. No shows are also counted into this limit.

What if I cancel more bookings than that? If a person exceeds the limit of allowed booking cancellations, they will get a one-week class sign up ban on our website.

What if I am ill, injured or exposed to Covid-19? Booking cancellations made for health reasons / Covid-19 exposures will not be counted in the 2 cancellations limit. If you cancel a class for these reasons, please BOTH cancel the class on our website AND fill out this form.

What if the class was moved and the new time doesn’t work for me? Cancellations made to a class that was rescheduled by Otanko won’t be counted as long as they are done within one week of the rescheduling announcement!

No shows and booking cancellations will be counted based on days rather than classes, meaning that if you have booked two consecutive classes in the same day and cancel both, we’ll count it only as one cancellation. In addition, you need to fill the “cancelling for health reasons” form only once per each day from which you cancel classes. Just remember to tick all class types you had booked.

We will check the no shows and cancellations at the end of each calendar month, and enforce bans from the beginning of next month.