Address for pole classes: Association Room, Jämeräntaival 1, 02150 Espoo.
Address for non-pole classes: Tatami Hall, Jämeräntaival 5A, 02130 Espoo.
Please re-check the class location of each event when signing up!

The board: otanko-board [at]

Tuuli Savolainen (President)
tuuli.savolainen [at]
+358 505228603

Viivi Salminen (Vice President)
viivi.s.salminen [at]
+358 405749059


If you have any questions or want to book an event, please contact any of our board members personally or send an email to our entire board. We will get back to you as soon as possible.

Note that there are no changing rooms or faucets in our training spaces. You can still change clothes and fill your water bottle in the toilets nearby.