The main purpose of the board of Otanko is to assure that all activities of Otanko run smoothly and our members keep on poling. The board is also responsible for all administrative duties of our association and takes care of the volunteers, marketing, and booking of performances and sports experiments.

Otanko’s board is chosen one calendar year at a time during the annual autumn meeting in late November or early December. Being part of the board is the most effective way to influence the future of Otanko. 

The board is also always interested to know what ideas our members have. Planning together is always way more fun! You can contact any of our board members personally from their information below or send an email to the entire board at otanko-board [at]

Tuuli Savolainen
tuuli.savolainen [at]
+358 505228603

Viivi Salminen
Vice President
salminen.viivi [at]
+358 405749059

Reetu Kontio
reetu.kontio [at]

Minisha Dwivedi
Event Manager

minisha.dwivedi [at]

Linda Noronen
Head of Classes
linda.noronen [at]

Cambria Sinclair
Head of Community
cambria.sinclair [at]

Sanni Lares
Head of Communications

sanni.lares [at]