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Becoming a polie is easy. Here are the steps:1. Fill out the sign up form below.2. Create an account here. (upper right corner)3. Sign up for classes in Calendar.As a member, you can participate in all the classes and workshops that we offer. Our membership costs 15 euros for one full year. Fill out the form below and book your class today!

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Once you've filled the form your membership acceptance and invoice for the membership fee might take a couple of weeks to arrive. Don't wait for this - you may book and attend our lessons straight on.


Want to get even more involved? Otanko and our events don't run by themselves. Our board is elected every December and a lot of organising goes into all of our events and everything we take part in. Active association members are always welcome! If you are a passionate event planner, a social media guru, an eager photographer or whatever, don’t hesitate to contact us! You can expose yourself face to face or send us a mail at