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Our lovely instructors are the ones taking you through classes! Read on and get to know them better.

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Saara is one of our founding members and been instructing for over one and a half years now. She has been training for about six years now and glides around the pole with grace built up over the years. Currently she instructs the Technique Class Intermediate. You can also spot her in our shows!

When she's not on the pole Saara studies media and communications. On her free time she likes to read blogs and spend time with her family and friends. She's also considering attending a painting course this autumn!


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Jenny took up pole dancing a year and a half ago with us at Otanko. Due to her strong background in dancing and yoga she has great control over her body and has progressed rapidly in poling. Quite quickly she started instructing our stretching classes and next semester she'll be in charge of the Pole Strength and Spin Pole classes. Jenny graduated from energy engineering last spring.

Jenny graduated from energy engineering last spring. When she's not working she enjoys cooking vegetarian food and tasting raw cakes.

Sara has been with Otanko since the classes started, first as a student and now as an instructor and our head of classes. She has her strongest background in CrossFit, which she still trains in, though she has done everything form ballet to horseback riding prior to poling!

Next semester Sara is in charge of our Choreo Class and Stretching. As a board member she can also be spotted in many of AYY's events representing Otanko! When she's doing nothing sports related Sara studies industrial engineering and management.

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Jaakko found pole dancing during his exchange year in Scotland. He had a lot of fun and made a bunch of friends. His goal is to make that kind of experiences possible with us at Otanko as well. At the moment he's reaching for this goal as the president of Otanko. For the next semester Jaakko instructs one of the Technique Class Beginners.

Before Jaakko started pole dancing he was a keen climber and he still goes for it once in a while. At the University Jaakko studies Engineering Physics.

Juho has been pole dancing with a laid back attitude for almost two years now. He instructs one of our Technique Class Beginners and acts as Otanko's treasurer on our board. He's a sixth-year environmental engineering student one unwritten thesis away from graduating.

For Juho, primitive life of a summer cottage surrounded by nature is the most relaxing environment. Therefore Juho jumps on every chance to visit his family's summer cottage. His other interests include video and role playing games, (cheap) fantasy literature and sailing.

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From upper left to lower right:.

Sini, Eini, Chrisu, Tiitu.


There are also a couple other instructors who don't, unfortunately, have time to take their very own class this semester. You might still run into them at the association room or our other events and shows. Furthermore, they might fill-in if one of the regular instructors is ill or otherwise unable to make it to their class some time. Go say hi if you spot them, they'll be happy to help you if needed!