Annual  Celebration Week

29.11. – 5.12.2021

This year Otanko is celebrating its 6th birthday with a week full of fabulous workshops! Please read the descriptions carefully as some of the workshops have potential prerequisites. Signing up to all workshops will open simultaneously on November 17th at 21:00. It is time to step up your F5 game and secure your spot!

Tuesday 30.11.


Introduction to Spin Pole

Tuesday, 30th November

18:25 – 19:25

Come join me for a fun beginner spin pole workshop! This workshop is perfect for those with little to zero experience with spin pole. Start your spin pole journey today!

This workshop is open level! 


Splits on Pole

Tuesday, 30th November

19:30 – 20:30

Have you seen those various beautiful splits on Instagram and wondered how those are possible? This workshop answers your questions. In this workshop, we will explore how to do perfect splits on the pole. You will certainly have fabulous photoshoot material after this workshop!

This workshop is int1+ level. No need to have the perfect split in order to attend, but make sure you can sit and stand on the pole and safely invert before attending this workshop.



Tuesday, 30th November


Handsprings – the milestone probably every pole dancer has on their checklist!

Handsprings are dynamic entries into ayeshas/pole handstands straight from the floor where the power and speed is taken with a jump. In the handsprings workshop, we’ll go through handspring movement paths and techniques to enter the most common ayesha grips dynamically from the floor. Even more importantly, you’ll learn exercises to help you progress towards these handsprings if you are not there yet. The class is from level int2 and up – you should know how to do some pole handstand before entering this workshop to ensure a safe level of shoulder stability. However, there is no need to be able to do the ayesha or handspring themselves to join!

Wednesday 1.12.


Dynamic Elements and Swings

Wednesday, 1st December


Dynamic elements and swings are pole moves that rely on speed. They might be challenging for the mind, but strength-wise, not so difficult. Dynamic elements and swings are great way to combine beautiful poses and holds together.

The workshop will be int1 level. You should be able to invert comfortably before attending.


Doubles Pole

Wednesday, 1st December

16:45 – 17:45

Doubles Pole Workshop will introduce you to the beautiful world of poling in sync with someone! Bring your own friend or challenge yourself to share a pole with a stranger. Doubles tricks require a lot of communication and patience, but no specific skills on or off the pole. However, you should be able to sit and stand on the pole, otherwise this workshop is suitable for everyone from beginners to more experienced pole dancers – the most important goal is to have fun!

All participants have to be members of Otanko, and sign up separately on the website.

Saturday 4.12.


Spin Pole

Saturday, 4th December

12:00 – 13:00

Do you want to master the spinning pole? If yes, then this workshop is for you. Dancing with a spinning pole is another ballgame that requires speed control and a little more strength than the static pole. In this workshop, you learn to do longer combos on the spinning pole, especially focusing on fluidly combining moves both on the pole and on the floor.

This workshop is int1+ level, but we recommend having some experience on the spinning pole before attending since we are doing longer and more advanced combos. If you have any questions, you can contact on telegram @selmaerve.


Instagram Tricks

Saturday, 4th December

13:10 – 14:10

Ready to get fancy on the pole? Instagram is widely used to share pole dance content and a good way to learn about new moves that pole dancers come up with. In this workshop, we will go through some trendy moves from IG, and focus on exploring shapes and poses that you would not necessarily learn in classic technique classes! You will most definitely leave the class with a lot of cool, photo-worthy material!
This workshop is int1+ level. Make sure you are comfortable with being upside down before attending this workshop.


Acro Yoga

Saturday, 4th December

13:10 – 14:10

Acro yoga combines elements of partner acrobatics and yoga to a fun combination of balances and tricks done with a friend. In this workshop we’ll be trying out some easy and fun acro yoga moves. While most of our workshops this week aim to be productive for your pole dancing, this workshop is first and foremost for pure fun! You don’t need your own partner to come along – we’ll be working in groups of three! The workshop is beginner level – anyone is more than welcome to join.



Saturday, 4th December

14:15 – 15:15

One move to rule them all… The invert is one of the core pole moves: successfully nailing it opens up a whole new world with pole dancing! However, the learning process requires a lot of patience and hard work.
This workshop is open level and suitable for everyone. Whether you are focusing on getting your no-kick-up invert or practicing beautiful ariel inverts, this workshop helps you to reach your goal with various conditioning exercises.


Lyrical Ballet

Saturday, 4th December


Lyrical ballet combines classical ballet technique with the flow and freedom of lyrical dance. In the class, we warm up with classical barre exercises, practice sequences across the floor, and learn a short lyrical ballet choreography. Everyone is welcome to the class from beginner to advanced as many of the  moves can be modified to skill level.



Saturday, 4th December

15:30 – 16:30

Are you the type of person who wants to optimize their pole progression?

When progressing as a pole dancer, you will realize that many of the advanced level moves are actually handstands on the pole and require a strong core, stable shoulders and polished technique. Many people learn the intermediate techniques fairly quickly but then need years of training to get these advanced tricks. Why not anticipate this and start your off-the-pole handstand training right now! No matter what your level is, handstand training will contribute significantly to your pole training. We will train handstand both on and off the pole and train our arm muscles and have fun. Workshop is open level, but some of the moves we do require more skills. There will be different-level alternatives.