Annual  Celebration Week

16. – 22.11.

This year Otanko is celebrating its 5th birthday with a week full of fabulous workshops! New workshop revelations will be published each day on week 44. Since the workshops aren’t as clearly divided between different levels as our regular classes, please read the descriptions carefully as they are the only indicator for each workshop’s potential prerequisites. Signing up to all workshops will open simultaneously on November 1st 21:00. Are you ready for the F5 race?

We have reserved a couple of free timeslots throughout the week where we can add second occasions for the most popular workshops. Let us know if you miss out on getting a slot for your favorite workshop!

Basic techniques 


Climbing techniques

Sunday, 22nd November

12:00 – 13:15

Come polish up your pole climbs!

Is climbing the pole one struggle itself before ever getting to the move you should actually be training? Does it seem impossible to understand how pole performers look so graceful while climbing? Would you like to get some inspiration on new ways to climb the pole? There are many more interesting ways to climb up the pole than the basic fireman climb taught in beginner classes!

In this workshop, we’ll cover different ways to get up the pole – some focusing on energy efficiency while others on the visual appeal. If you struggle even getting up the pole, you’ll learn technique tips and new options on how to do so that’ll hopefully make climbing easier for you in the future. People with more experience will get good tips on how to make climbing not only get you up the pole but also look good. Thus, the workshop is open level!




Sunday, 22nd November

17:40 – 18:55

Are you the type of person who wants to optimize their pole progression?

When progressing as a pole dancer, you will realize that many of the advanced level moves are actually handstands on the pole and require a strong core, stable shoulders and polished technique. Many people learn the intermediate techniques fairly quickly but then need years of training to get these advanced tricks. Why not anticipate this and start your off-the-pole handstand training right now! No matter what your level is, handstand training will contribute significantly to your pole training. The workshop is open level, the only prerequisite is willingness to try a handstand next to a wall! In this workshop, handstands will be trained off the pole.


Wednesday 1.12.


Flips & drops

Tuesday, 17th November

17:40 - 18:55

This is your perfect opportunity to start your journey with flips and drops safely with our instructors!

Flips and drops are movements that can be difficult to start training just based on that Youtube-video you saw. Having seen it done 1000 times doesn’t really ease the mind when you’re supposed to ‘go for it’ for the first time in many of these scary but oh-so-cool moves. In this workshop, we’ll cover basic flips and drops. For them, we’ll look at safe training methods and variations to use if you do not have a spotter on hand, the correct techniques to perform each move, and, last but not least, try to get several reps of each under your belt with a spotter. This is our most advanced workshop of the annual celebration week – you should be attending Intermediate 2 or Advanced level classes to attend.


Dynamic elements and swings

Saturday, 21st November

11:15 - 12:30

Welcome to spend the morning with dynamic poling! Dynamic elements and swings are pole moves that rely on speed. They might be challenging for the mind, but strength-wise, not so difficult.

This is the sister workshop to the flips and drops. As a difference, dynamic elements are easier to include in a combo and/because they don't necessarily include free falls.

Here is a video of the workshop instructor doing some dynamic tricks:

Some of them will also be included in the workshop.

The workshop will be int1 level.



Doubles pole

Saturday, 21st November

14:05 - 15:20

Doubles Pole Workshop will introduce you to the beautiful world of poling in sync with someone! Bring your own friend or challenge yourself to share a pole with a stranger. Doubles tricks require a lot of communication and patience, but no specific skills on or off the pole. Thus the workshop is suitable for everyone from beginners to more experienced pole dancers - the most important goal is to have fun!

All participants have to be members of Otanko, and sign up separately on the website.

Dancing around the pole


Smooth moves

Sunday, 22nd November

16:15 – 17:30

Have you realized that often it is exactly the body parts that aren’t crucial for performing the pole movement that have the biggest impact on how pretty it looks?

In this workshop, we’ll focus on creating continuous flowing movement around the pole and try to add a level of musicality into our training that usually isn’t present when we train specific tricks individually. Questions we hope to answer during the workshop:

  • What movement would feel natural for my body if I just let the pole and music take me away?
  • What makes the difference between a recognizable execution of a movement and the audience saying “wow”?
  • Does every movement pattern need to have a defined start, end, and name?

The workshop is open level – movements practiced will be physically easy but challenge the typical technique training mindset. On top of your normal pole shorts, you might want to wear soft clothes such as woolen socks, sweatpants and a hoodie.



Tuesday, 17th November

19:10 – 20:25


20:40 – 21:55


Have you ever wanted to try the “dark side” of pole but did not know where to start? This exotic pole dance workshop is the perfect opportunity for you to discover sensual dancing on heels in a safe environment!

In this workshop, we’ll first learn how to safely walk on heels and how to use them as a tool – heels are more than just an item of clothing! Then, we will learn some classic exotic pole moves and finally put it all together in a fun, badass, sensual choreo!

The workshop is open level but targeted towards exotic-first-timers. Make sure, however, that you feel comfortable with the basic spins taught in Beginner TC/Kiki’s choreo classes and have control over your body around the pole. The movements will be easy – we want to focus primarily on getting familiar with heels and feeling as confident as we can! For this reason, put on an outfit that gives you that extra boost in confidence – we won’t be climbing the pole, so no need for skin-grip on your legs. Don’t forget to bring knee protection (kneepads/over-knee socks/other) and a pair of heels (preferably pole heels such as pleasers but shoot Kiki (@civnv on Telegram) a message if you don’t have any).


Chair dance & pole

Sunday, 22nd November

14:50 – 16:05

No one ever said chair dance and pole dance could not be combined. This workshop is for all choreo-lovers and those who want to try out something new!

This choreography workshop is a little different: We will dance using both the chair and the pole to create a sensual, explosive but challenging choreo! Be prepared to learn new moves and tricks on the chair, the pole and the floor. Who knew chairs could serve more purposes than sitting on your desk during a Zoom lecture?

The workshop is open level, anyone can join! It is recommended to have attended at least a couple of Beginner TC classes, so you can focus your full attention on learning the chair moves. Come wearing something you feel confident in, shorts are not necessarily required. Also, don’t forget to bring knee protection (kneepads/over-knee socks/leggings), as we will be incorporating a bit of floorwork as well. Can’t wait? Check out the song and get excited already! (River – Bishop Briggs)

Pretty poses


Instagram tricks

Wednesday, 18th November
16:25 - 17:25 (Int1+ level), and

Saturday, 21st November
12:40 - 13:55 (Open level)

Ready to get fancy on the pole? Instagram is widely used to share pole dance content and a good way to learn about new moves that pole dancers come up with. In this workshop we will go through some trendy moves from IG, and focus on exploring shapes and poses that you would not necessarily learn in classic TC classes! You will most definitely leave the class with a lot of cool, photo-worthy material!

Notice that there is going to be two levels of workshops: open & int+. Make sure you are comfortable with being upside down for the int+ level workshop.

If you have seen a cool trick you’d wish us to cover on the workshop, please send your suggestion until 8.11.20 latest to @civnv or @rantttali on telegram, and we will see what we can do!


Flexy moves and pole splits

Wednesday, 18th November
15:15 - 16:15

Do you want to unlock your ultimate flex potential and reach your pole flexibility goals? If the answer is ’yes’, then this is the workshop for you!

Flexibility is an important element in pole dancing, as it can improve the overall shape and lines of the tricks. In this workshop we will explore how to perfect splits on pole, as well as how to unlock tricks that require back flexibility.

This workshop is int+ level. No need to have the perfect split in order to attend, but make sure you can safely and controllably invert before attending this workshop. As the time is limited, it is recommended to come already a bit warmed up!

Dancing without the pole


Introduction to twerking

Wednesday, 18th November

17:45 – 18:45

Have you always wanted to try twerk? Are you thinking about starting twerking? Do you want to amaze people on the dancefloor (after Corona)?

“Introduction to twerking – How to start twerking ethically and respecting the culture”, will tell you all you need to know before your first twerk class. In this workshop, we’ll go through the background of twerking as well as how to do twerking while appreciating its history and culture. We’ll also go through basic movements and, of course, have fun! If you want to learn how to shake what your mama gave you and get a glimpse of this growing dance community, this is the class for you!

The workshop is open level.




Sunday, 22nd November

13:30 – 14:45

Do you want to polish up your lines for pole? The ballet workshop is the perfect support for this goal!

During the workshop, we’ll go through very basic ballet techniques, alignments, and muscle engagements to keep in mind when aiming for those gorgeous never-ending lines we see on Instagram. Learning good lines off the pole is a definite must for anyone aiming to have them on the pole. In this workshop, learning will happen through basic ballet exercises – we’ll keep things very simple and focus on how we do things rather than what we do. The workshop is also designed specifically with a “what would be the most beneficial basics to learn for a pole dancer” -mindset. To spruce things up a little, we’ll end the workshop with higher energy: some very easy jumps and a choreo piece.

The workshop is open level – anyone can join!

Please note that the workshop is held in the Multi Facility Hall!